A research reveals that consistent brand presentation on multiple media platforms increase business revenue by more than 22%. That is why many business owners choose to use creative agency for their business branding. However, picking the right creative agency Jakarta is not an easy task. In a big city like Jakarta, where there is high demand of creative

design, choosing the one that fits to a particular business or company can be an extremely daunting and difficult task. The number of creative agencies have mushroomed very vast. Each of them offers a wide range of specialist services forcing you to be critical in getting the right one. Here are some tips that may help you pick the best grape out of the bunch.

First of all, consider their experience. Among so many creative agencies in this city, perhaps only few of them which have lots of experiences and proven track records. You can find out their experience by asking to see the portfolio of the agencies. Good creative agencies won’t mind showing a client their portfolio. From the portfolio, you can tell what type of clients the agency has worked with, whether the agency was successful to achieve the project’s goals, and other relevant information.

Another way to choose the right creative agency is to ask for references and recommendation. You can ask your colleagues who have every used creative agencies. It is recommended to ask not only one person but many people. You will be amazed at what you uncover. Make a note of the information you gain from these people. List all of the positive and negatives comments about particular creative agencies. Then, make a shortlist. Based on the shortlist you ca determine the right agency to hire. This may take a lot of time but it should not be a problem. If you are in a hurry to make a choice, the result will not be good.

Don’t be led by price. It can be understood that all business owners want to find a cost-effective solution. However, bear in mind that cost-effective is not the same as cheap. Good designs typically are worth a few extra pennies. Don’t be surprised that the cost of hiring a creative agency can be so pricey. Well, it doesn’t mean that good creative agencies always offer high price. Creative agencies price their projects based on the complexity of the design, materials, the time used to finish the project, and additional services. Because of the factors, the price varies greatly.

Last but not least, trust your gut. Sometimes you can just feel it when something is right or wrong. It is something that can’t be explained. Finding the right partner for your business is just like dating. Somehow, you can just feel the chemistry between you and your partner. Perhaps, it is good to talk to the manager and staffs for a while before you finally hire them. If you feel they are the right people to work with, just go on.

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